Charles Wells

Of all the most famous gamblers of all time, Charles Wells tops the list. He is famous and he was a superstar gambler. As an English roulette player he came into limelight in the year of 1891 when he broke a bank at Monte Carlo. He is also known to have accomplished it for an unbelievable twelve times just during a one time visit in Monte Carlo. During the process, Charles turned 4000 pounds into a million francs that is just extraordinary.

Even at this time, that is a record which is still considered high and this is what makes Charles a true legend. People do find his means of funding his endeavor & the way he achieved everything quite mysterious. Some believe that Charles early bankroll came from conning the investors who took him for an inventor and financed for his researches and designs. People also allege that all his wins were a result of some planned out scam. Explanations vary from a well-conceived scheme by the casino staff and using dubious wheels.

More about the Roulette Rock star

Born in the year of 1841, right from his childhood days Charles was fond of living a good life. He would spend frivolously and enjoy all the attention that he will get, that could be compared to the contemporary Rock stars. As soon as he entered any night club the band there would switch to playing a song for which Charles was considered to be an inspiration.

As he started winning at a stretch at Roulette tables he soon got a Rock star figure. It was in the year of 1891, when he paid a visit to a popular gambling spot and just within thirteen hours of the game, he was able to break the bank for a record number of twelve times & turned 4000 pounds into one million francs, which by all means is huge sum of money.

The casino owners to get more bettors highly dramatized the win & covered that wheel with a dark shroud & shifted the play to another one. The crowded there was quite excited at this and frantically placing their bets on Charles' chosen numbers and color combinations expecting to make some good money. Soon the situation turned riotous and casino owners limited the no. of bettors for each spin. It was disapproving for many of the gamblers there, but even that step was unable to deter the visitors from making their way to the Monte Carlo which in no time had turned into a gambling haven.