Derren Brown

Derren Victor Brown is an English magician, writer, painter, mentalist and a skeptic. But he is widely popular for his many appearances on the TV for TV series like Trick or Treat and Trick of the mind. After the first public broadcast of the show in 2000- Mind Control he has managed to garner immense popularity with his skills of reading the mind. He also has written a number of books both for the public and the illusionists.

Many of his caricature artworks have received exhibitions in well-known art galleries and are also available as a portrait collection with single volume documentation. His acts reading mind though may appear highly psychic in nature and influenced by paranormal methods, he gracefully claims that he does not possess any such abilities or power.

Derren mentions that at the start of his TV program a disclaimer shows up that clearly mentions the usage of suggestion, showmanship, magic, misdirection and psychology for his Psychic acts. With the help of his immense knowledge in the subject and skills, he is able to apparently predict & persuade a person's thoughts with his own suggestions and thereby manipulating that person's decision making ability and collecting the subtle signs from his body language or any other psychological signs. This is precisely how he manages to know what the other person might be pondering.

Early life

Born in south London Brown got his education in Whitgift School. His father was a swimming coach there. He also studied law & German at Bristol University where he once got an opportunity to attend a show of a hypnotist who used to be quite good at his skills. And that was what inspired Brown to learn hypnosis & illusion as his career. He worked as conjuror in his under-graduation days performing magic in restaurants & bars. It was in year 1992 that he first did a stage hypnosis show at Bristol University.

Personal life

Not many would know that he has been patronizing National Parrots Sanctuary which is in Skegness. Brown openly came out in public making an admission that he was a gay in year 2007. He told a newspaper that he believed one always ought to come out, that makes life so easy.

Nobody is worried by your secrets as much as you. For him, it took a month after being in relation with a man when he disclosed it all. Brown had been an Evangelical initially but later he turned into an Atheist. He has comprehensively discussed about his thoughts in one of his popular books. He realized that religion was not able to answer many of his questions that were impending in his heart since long and so he decided there is no basis for his faith on religion.