Rules and Regulations

Accuracy of the information on different casinos cannot be assured by This Site. We will provide you with up-to-date information of casinos listed in our site. Lots of casinos are listed here and each of them will change their rules and promotions regularly. Sometimes these casinos may cancel their promotions without any previous notice to the gamblers. So before registering to a casino, you have to check the rules of the casino.


The gambler should understand that there is a possibility of monetary losses by depositing or wagering at the casinos. For such losses, the user is completely responsible and onlinecasino.org is not liable for that. At online casinos, you are playing with real money and you have to keep it in mind always.

The users also have to agree that the actions performed by them at the online casinos listed are their own responsibility. This Site does not guarantees the accuracy of the information provided by the casinos. It is up to the user to decide whether to choose a particular casino or not.

Legal or Illegal

Online gambling is illegal in some countries but this website can be accessed all over the world through internet. This website can be viewed only for the sake of information in countries like United States where gambling at online sites are illegal. You have to take legal advice before joining or wagering at any of the listed online casinos to ensure that online gambling is legal or not in your country or area. Violation of any kind of laws like state, federal or local using the information of this website should be avoided by the users.

Gambling through online casinos should be legal in your country, state and town. The gambler should reach 18 years of age for online gambling. The user should pay the taxes of your country, state and town that are applied to the winnings. User should have the knowledge of local laws before joining an online gambling site. The user should obey the rules and regulations of the online casino as well as the country before gambling.