Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

A lot of stories and mysteries do the rounds related to Roulette. Since many centuries Roulette has been taken head on by a number of chancers trying to break its code in the casinos. It is definitely not as easy as it might seem, on the contrary it gets harder as you begin to learn because the casinos get rid of the flaws of their systems as soon as they come to know of it whenever a smart player outwits them.

But still there was one major flaw in Roulette that was not yet looked upon and Gonzalo Garcia managed to uncover that flaw. This man indeed was a master Roulette player and he made around one and a half million dollars by playing Roulette throughout his lifetime.

Early life

Gonzalo was a moderately successful record producer in Spain whose fortune turned upside down when he uncovered a secret of Roulette- the wheel bias. A lot of people were aware of wheel bias however, it was Gonzalo who had devised a precise method of evaluating it accurately thusly improving his odds drastically. He started playing in Casino first in Madrid & then eventually moved to Vegas.

During early 1990s Gonzalo was quite certain of Roulette wheels not perfectly stochastic or random as it appeared and moreover they were not updated with the latest technologies to observe the bias or skew. He then found out that the probability for some numbers for dropping in were a lot higher than one in thirty five payout provided by the casino house. In a night at a Casino in Madrid he won a six hundred thousand dollars and one million dollars in total.

How did it all happen?

Garcia wasn't just another Roulette player. He had made up his mind to find some flaw in the wheel and he did manage to discover one. He found that a few Roulette wheels weren't totally random but on the contrary they were somewhat biased because of little imperfections in the wheel gear of Roulette. The differences in size of the pockets would lead to some number coming up more frequently than the others.

He studied the statistical distribution in Roulette wheel for thousands of rotations after numerous sessions and eventually he came up with a profile for the Roulette wheel based on his finding that had indicated hot spots on the wheel. He betted on the hot spots of the Roulette wheel and gained a clear player edge & it all was worth a humongous two million dollars. That certainly is a lot of money.