Roulette Books for Beginners and Professionals

It is well-known that roulette is a game of chance and it needs a stroke of luck and intuition to win. However, it is important for beginners to get acquainted with the rules of the game, some tips on how to play and even roulette etiquette in order to avoid confusing situations. At the same time experienced gamblers are keen to improve their skills as well. Fortunately, roulette players are plain fellows and don't keep their successful achievements in secret, quite the contrary they proud of themselves and share their experience with others in their books. So, one can get a lot of useful information from such guides.

Roulette Game Elucidated in Books

Books for Beginners

R.D. Ellison presents her book "Gamble to Win Roulette" that is written in such an easy manner with a lot of humor that won't be difficult and boring even for beginners. The book is dedicated to a range of strategies how to win roulette. It teaches the readers how to win not once but in long run. In the book the author proposes some new strategies that haven't been heard before, like the Sesame Street Method and the Ground Coffee.

To learn out how the professionals play roulette the beginners should buy "Roulette: Playing to Win" written by Brett Morton. The author shares with his readers the information he had gathered all over the world playing, watching and listening about the roulette game. The most valuable thing about the book is revealing of dealers tricks.

One more book, that will explain all the basics of roulette and give to readers the idea what everybody is talking about, is "Secrets of Winning Roulette". The author proves the inefficiency of some playing techniques and strategies.

Books for Professionals

"Get the Edge at Roulette" written by Christopher Pawlicki is based on physics, mathematics and computer science. That gives the feeling of reality as he relies on figures and exact science. The book explains how to use successfully wheel tracking techniques which guarantees the increasing of winnings at roulette. The book will be useful for all kinds of gamblers, such as aspiring professionals, occasional system players and recreational gamblers. Those, who are interested in sector slicing, bias tracking and other betting techniques, should read this amazing book.

"The Casino Answer Book" by John Grochowski covers such games as video poker, blackjack and roulette. John Grochowski asks unexpected questions and gives easy answers for them, so the readers have no problems with understanding the information.