Great Roulette Cheaters

Roulette as the famous gambling game draws attention of not only fair but unfair ones as well. There a lot of methods to cheat that were created by professional gamblers but all of them are illegal in real casinos and can lead to negative consequences. What is interesting about online casino roulette is that there exist ways of cheating as well, even some of them are considered to be legal to use. However, it is obviously that to cheat in online casino roulette is harder than in landed casinos. Of course, there are some outstanding cheaters that stunned the gambling society by their cheating methods.

Astonishing Roulette Cheaters in History

Gonzalo Garsia-Pelayo, a Spanish roulette77 gambler, won millions of dollars using the idea of biased wheels. At that time nobody believed that not all roulette wheels are random totally. Gonzalo was the first who proved this theory practically. He began to study roulette wheels all over Spain and record the results of 1000 spins. Then he analyzed the information and found the most biased wheel. It gave him the privilege of 15% edge and helped to win millions of dollars.

Richard Marcus was a great enthusiast of casino roulette. As a result he stayed penniless after the regular gambling. However, he decided to take the revenge and became a dealer in a casino. That was the time he started thinking about ways to cheat roulettes. Richard's technique was pretty simple and smart as well. He put several small chips on the top of a large one in such a way that croupier was unable to notice large chip under the stack of small chips. If Richard won he revealed a large chip if didn't he hid it. Using this trick he managed to win more than 5 million dollars.

Norman Packard and Doyne Farmer were computer scientists who invented the computer that predicted the roulette game. Developed software was able to calculate numerous equations of motions that took place. But the problem arose as it was difficult to hide the computer. While the scientists were solving this problem the government of Nevada announced the law that prohibited using playing devices in casinos.