Roulette Gamblers who Left Their Footprints in the History of Roulette Games

From the time roulette games were invented they attract millions of gamblers. Having entered a casino neither beginners nor veterans of gambling can't go by the roulette table without making, at least, one bet. The roulette tables are always surrounded by dozens of both players and viewers. In the memory of roulette games lovers some gamblers will stay forever as the legends of the gambling world. Famous roulette games players are notable for their crazy winning bets or using extreme playing strategies. Let's have a look at some of the most honored roulette players.

Legends of Roulette Games

The pioneer gambler, who worked out his own strategy and successfully used it in practice in 1873, was Joseph Jagger. The player hired 6 men who helped him to record the winning numbers and noticed that some of them occur more frequently than others. Using this idea he won $400,000 in a casino of Monte Carlo.

Famous as "Broken the Bank in Monte Carlo Casino Man" Charles Wells decided to try his chance in the same casino of Monte Carlo several years later. He managed to win more than 2 million of franks for two days. Fred Gilbert wrote even a song in honor of such luckiness.

Modern Technologies Favor Roulette Gamblers

Claude Shannon and Edward Thorp, students of MIT, were the pioneer gamblers who created the first roulette device that helped to foresee the odds of roulette games. Unfortunately, there is no information how much they managed to win using this device.

The Eudaemons group of players, who were initially students of the University of California, could win $10,000 in Las Vegas. They created a little computer that increased their odds at roulette. However, the trick was discovered by a casino and the computer was seized.

Bets that Impress

Ashley Revel sold all his property and came to a casino of Las Vegas with 135 million in his pocket. He betted on red everything he had and … won. He left the casino with 270 million that was twice much the sum he played.

One more famous gambler, who betted his house, was a man called Gonzalo Garcia-Pedayo. He used a smart computer that could calculate how frequently the certain number occurs. Using this information he took a few million in his pocket from the Casino de Madrid. After several years the casino realized it was cheating and sued, but the court was on the side of Gonzalo Garcia-Pedayo.