What is Better: Live or Online Roulette?

Roulette is, undoubtedly, the Queen of casinos world. The roulette wheel is often surrounded by people both gamblers and viewers. The motherland of the roulette is France as it means in French a "small wheel". It is known that the roulette was a favorite game of Napoleon Bonaparte. Due to modern technologies nowadays roulette games can be played everywhere via the Internet, as roulette game download is available. More and more people prefer roulette game download to real casinos. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

Online or Live Roulette?


The unquestionable advantage of online roulette is the convenience. In order to play live roulette it is necessary to dress properly and go to a casino. However, not everyone has a casino near their house and can afford to go there. Roulette game download is accessible 24 hours a day and it is not necessary to leave your home to play. You can enjoy the game just sitting in your pajamas in the comfort of your house.


On the hand visiting a live casino is a social event. So, if you are tired of house routine, get ready and dive into glamorous world of roulette playing. An attractive roulette table is always surrounded by eager players and viewers who are watching the game always support the gamblers with cheer cries and storm of applause. Online roulette is much more isolated affair. So, if you don't like to be in the public eye online roulette is for you.

Kinds of a Roulette Table

The main key to be successful in roulette is to choose the right table. Of course, you need to find a European table with one zero as it has the most favorable house edge for players. If there is only an American roulette, it is not sensible to play because it has two "zero" pockets that increase house edge twice. In this case online casinos can offer a wide range of roulette tables, even those without "zero" pockets.


If you prefer controlling the game by yourself, online roulette is advisable. Playing online you have so much time to consider your bet as you wish and you can spin the wheel at once not when the casino is ready to do it. In live casinos a dealer controls the flow of the game and sometimes it makes gamblers impatient and nervous.