How to Play Roulette? It is Simple

Roulette, considered to be the Queen of casinos, is the first game that comes to our mind when we talk about gambling. Due to modern technologies we have the opportunity to try playing roulette even at home via the Internet. However, before you start playing you may wonder how to play roulette and what its rules are. It would be a pleasant surprise for beginners to discover that there is no a long sheet of difficult rules. It is pretty easy to study how to play roulette, you can even read roulette books.

Objects and Rules of the Game

Roulette is a game with the roulette wheel, against the casino rather than other players. The roulette is served by a dealer or a croupier who spins the wheel and watches the flow of the game. The main tools of roulette are the wheel adjoint to the roulette table where bets are placed. The table is specially designed with the scheme of possible bets on it.

In order to bet players should get chips from the dealer as they differ from other chips used in casinos. The chips are of different colors that prevent the gamblers from confusing their bets. When the roulette table has been selected the player makes bet, placing his chips in a labeled or numbered box or intersection of them designed on the table.

A croupier spins the ball and after his announcing "no more bets" the players can't move their chips and change the bets. When the ball stops moving the winning combination is claimed. So, the object of roulette is to place bet on the combination where the ball will land.

After the wheel stops the dealer gathers bets that were lost and places new bets.

How to Make Bets

There are two classes of bets in the roulette game based on the positioning on the table: inside and outside bets.

What is an Inside Bet?

Inside bets are placed on one of the 36 boxes organized in 3 columns and 12 rows. This type of bets includes the intersections of boxes where bets can be place as well. Inside bets are of high risk, however, they payoffs are high too. You can find the following inside bets: Line, Five Number, Corner, Street, Split, Straight Up Bets.

What is an Outside Bet?

Outside bets are placed along the outside layout that includes low or high, even or odd numbers, red or black color, dozen numbers and columns. This kind of bets is at low risk but the payoffs are not high as well.