The Eudaemons

The Eudaemons was actually headed by J. Farmer & Norman Packard in 1970 who were roulette fanatics. With their perseverance, craftiness and obviously some fanaticism they were able to do the unthinkable in the gambling world of Roulettes.

Theirs was a sort of scientific approach than a get rich method. They wanted to come up with a mathematical system which would be unbeatable. They got inspired from certain philosophy known as Eudaemonism that believed in karma & that spoke of doing the correct things as it would lead to a vicious circle of humanity.

One will surely wonder that how does this all is related to Roulette. Well, nobody knows that but one thing is for sure, that group certainly found out an ingenious scientific method for Roulette which was related to this philosophy.

The Technicalities

These intelligent men used a camera and an oscilloscope to record each and every motion of wheel of the Roulette. On the basis of their observations, the team created a sophisticated algorithm that was based on many variables like duration of wheel rotation, rotation time of ball in the wheel etc.

The Eudaemons then developed a tiny device along with a computer system to get the required inputs from roulette wheel. That device was tiny enough to conceal in ones shoe and upon tapping the shoe it will collect all the information about the movement of the roulette ball and after processing the data, it will instruct you by means of a vibration of a recorder on playing the right bet. Sounds cool?

Very soon their team left to Vegas and with the help of their new system they made a very good return of 44 percent on the bets they placed. The only disadvantage was that its vibrations were similar to an electric shock, but barring this setback The Eudaemons managed to take home over tens of thousand dollars with this innovative roulette system, which indeed was a huge amount of money during those days.