Sherri Skoons

Anybody who is familiar with Casino pastposting must know Sherri Skoons as she happened to be the foremost well-known professional lady casino pastposter. Sherri was born on May 1961 & was introduced to this casino cheating job by her boyfriend Salvatore Gillette who was a member of a pastposting team during the year of 1990.

Going together with him on his casino trips, she would play a few minor roles in the operation. Sitting at the blackjack table or sometimes roulette tables, she would fill the appropriate seat that is well needed for some under arm action by her team. Markus was fond of the spunky personality of Sherry and rightly felt that she would turn out to be an integral part of the team.

Within 6 months after getting to know Sherry, Marcus gave her an opportunity to be the 'Checkbettor' whose role was only to bet on some pre decided series in a Roulette game, that will in turn impel the casino dealer to make some moves and thus help them get the opportunity that her team waits for. Getting the right moment the Mechanic would switch the original bets with his own chips with a greater value.

Journey to pastposting

This was just the beginning for Sherri. From there on, she got a big responsibility to help her team by means of cashing out huge no. of chips. Most of the people do not know the fact that the toughest thing in casino cheating professionally isn't the sequencing, setups or special moves but instead it is the cashing of the winning chips.

However, as IRS began reporting casino policies and laws, it was increasing getting for Sherry and her team to cash huge sum of money out without raising any eyebrows and thusly Sherry turned into a kind of Chip courier.

Afterwards spending close to one year with her team, Sherri told Marcus about her eagerness to provide more support. Sherri showed her willingness to play a crucial role of 'Claimer' for various moves in Roulette. A Claimer's job is to claim pastposted bets posing as their authentic ones and then swiftly taking off the money from the tables that could easily be considered as quite a dangerous position.

Initially Marcus was not willing to put Sherri in that crucial position and he was quite hesitant about it. But then he recalled a similar incident that Joe Classon recounted him sometime back regarding his ex-wife, who was a stunning dancer, specialized in Lido and eventually turned into a claimer for Joe & his bro Henry.

This made Marcus believe that he ought to at least give her a try. Also he realized that her chances of doing well as a claimer were good in the male predominated Casino industry and she did not let him down and broke all his expectations with her superb performance.