Layout of the European Table

The rules of the European Roulette have laid down 37 numbers, where 0 is for green, 18 numbers are red & the rest 18 are dark. Zero gives a house edge of almost 2.7%, where the probability of the ball to land on any square is 1/37. And if the player wins, he gets a payout of 35:1 along with the original amount.

Types of Bet

Inside Bets

Inside bets are particularly relativity based bets having larger risk carrying largest possible returns (except when the board has multiple within bets spread over it).

Outside Bets

These bets are scattered bets having better odds with lower payoffs.

Important: Zero is not included in outside bets.

The majority of the bets are covered by the Inside and Outside bets. To know more about other kinds of bets in Roulette to gain knowledge about Roulette rules, you could read the special types of bets offered up by few casinos.

Versions of Roulette